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Brand Story


Known for its bags and accessories, AbsoluteClay was established by Khun Cris Managla who had spent his childhood growing up in Trang province. It was an early introduction to the rubber business, a well-known economic crop that has been a lifeline for the Southerners for as long as anyone can remember. Most growers would sell the natural rubber as raw materials at whatever price the market was willing to pay. Since they are not the one setting the standard, rubber frequently undergoes price slumps. In addition, surplus supply and quality issues have led large quantities of natural rubber to be wasted away. Building on these experiences, AbsoluteClay recognized the importance of rubber processing. The idea is to develop and design a rubber manufacturing process that could add potential to the produce from his hometown.

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About Product


Determined to develop, process, and extend the potential of natural rubber produce from the local communities. AbsoluteClay had explored and experimented with adding fabric scraps to the rubber mix, creating a distinctive feature. The formula can be molded into a three-dimensional corrugated sheet that lends the strength to its structure. The unique mix could be used to produce stationary stands that hold a pencil or pen in place along the folds. It can also be stacked according to the user’s needs. Furthermore, the sheets can be sewn together, using other materials such as compressed rubber or plywood as base, in order to make lifestyle products such as stationary holders of various sizes. And using their expertise in the bag business, the sheets were tailored into different bag designs that highlight the wavy form of the material.

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Aj. Saifon Kaewsom Suratthani

Technical College, Department of Rubber and Polymer Technology

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