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Deesawat is a one stop supplier and exporter of teak wood furniture with perfect woodwork techniques throughout its 48 years of history. As a forefront expert in wooden furniture production, especially teak, they produce pieces requiring highly skilled labour such as wood carvings, mother of pearl inlays, and spend time developing products that would set themselves apart. Additionally, they have an overwhelming volume of wood chips, wood wool, and sawdust from shaving and polishing the teak surfaces. Deesawat has since become aware of these scraps’ potential as production material. Together with Fiber Pattana Co., Ltd., a company working to produce eco-board from recycled aluminium in used milk cartons, Deesawat explored an alternative sheet material different from what they are used to.


About Product


Deesawat noticed the potential of the massive volume of tiny wood chips from their production process. The company has had experiences in working with upcycled milk carton cardboard, it is only natural to bring together the advantages of the two materials; they are water and termites resistant, heat insulation, and can be sawed, cut, glued, drilled, and easily fixed with other materials or sheets. Fusing the woodwork techniques they are known for, with these upcycling materials, Deesawat then developed a prototype of serving tray sets and outdoor lamps.

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