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Brand Story


Nattaphong Hanpatarachaikul, founder of EcoCreate, is hailed from Chiang Mai, the center of all things made from pulp-based paper. Due to his familiarity with the paper-making process, together with increased popularity of café culture in Chiang Mai, he thought about the possibility of using the large amount of coffee grounds generated every day in paper production. The coffee ground, he found, could reduce the use of paper mulberry in the production up to 50%. Not only does EcoCreate reduce waste from the coffee industry and upcycle the waste, the result paper also has an interesting texture, attractive feel, and a story to tell. To this day, the brand has produced pulp-based paper from other waste such as residual tea leaves, pomace, and spent malt grain.


About Product


From the experimentation and development of pulp-based paper that uses coffee grounds from the coffee industry in Chiang Mai, EcoCreate has found the resulting paper to have an interesting texture and attractive feel which later morphed into various products that tell the story of transforming waste into something of value. Moreover, the brand developed coating formula that helps strengthen the paper, making it more durable. This paper is tailored into bags of different designs; top handle bags, stationary pouch, and coin purses, etc. Their effort has also alerted the coffee industry the plausibility of using the pulp paper to produce products and souvenirs, such as coasters, bags, hats, and aprons.

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Nattaphong Hanpatarachaikul


90 Samranrat M. 6, Doi Saket, Chiangmai

50220 Thailand

+66(0)8 1568 5860

Designer     I    Nattaphong Hanpatarachaikul

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