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Brand Story


Lock in Space was producing the conventional concrete for construction before they became interested in concrete alternatives in an effort to reduce the use of cement which releases carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process. Experimenting with a number of material mixes, using agricultural waste and industrial debris, Lock in Space disposed of these waste materials from agricultural production and processing plants which include bagasse—they then devised formulas and mixes that would help reduce the carbon footprint of concrete products under the brand umbrella.


About Product


Lock in Space became interested in developing a more environmentally friendly concrete alternative from sugarcane bagasse ash (SCBA) and other material mix. This material is lighter than the conventional concrete, allowing more daring designs such as this set of penchant lights which is made using mold castings. Depending on which side of the mold, upto four workpieces can be made. In addition, Lock in Space is currently exploring the options for using natural plants to dye the concrete.

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