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Brand Story


Suchada Klongnukrob, formerly a computer programmer with more than 20 years of experience, has turned herself to the leather product design with the concept of combining 'au naturale' and environmentally friendly materials. Communicating her visions through designs under MAKA Design, she began with sewing a picnic bag for her daughter’s lunchbox to replace its plastic counterpart. Through passion and determination, she continue to release more products that cater to different needs, including; handbags, briefcases, hats, keychains, card holders with lanyards, stationary, and notebooks. What makes MAKA Design stand out is the detailed craftsmanship that feels warm and unique.


About Product


MAKA Design, a brand of skilled handicrafts, is taking their first step towards space decorations. Using the brand’s unique leather molding technique; when exposed to moisture the leather becomes soft, and becomes hard and retain its three-dimensional shape when dried. The technique of stamping to cut out flower shapes that can be connected together is used, then pieced together to make a larger structure, used as hanging decorations or as light fixtures. Looking at the elegant shape, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was made from leather scraps.

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Suchada Klongnukrob 

MAKA Design

97/93 M.9, Ngam Wong Wan Rd., Bang Khen,

Mueang, Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand

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