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Brand Story


In the past, local communities in the Northern part of Thailand used ‘Tong Tueng’ (Dipterocarpus tuberculatus) leaves to thatched their roofs, because it has thick and durable fibers. Fast forward to modern times, the use of Tong Tueng faded as it was replaced by more readily available materials—the forgotten craft became a waste heap waiting to be burned away. Poramate Sai-Uparach then established Mr.Leaf to research and develop the Tong Tueng leaves into a more durable material, transforming it into a product that could last for many years. Additionally, Mr.Leaf developed other natural materials from banana leaves, garlic peels, etc. as leather alternatives for consumers interested in environmentally friendly products. Presently, Mr.Leaf offers a wide range of merchandise from shoes, mobile cases, bags, to home décor and exports.


About Product


Black garlic is culinary herb popular for its health benefits. Each of its bulb is peeled and sold in packs, leaving behind mountains of papery ‘skins’. Mr.Leaf began experimenting with the peels as raw material and mixed with nano-formula natural rubber, it gives a sheet of material with similar characteristics to that of leather but covered in decorative patterns of black garlic peel fragments. The material is sewed together with artisan fabrics, resulting in a strong and flexible A4 envelope perfect for protecting tablets and important documents for the urban lifestyle.

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