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Brand Story


Known for its skincare, bodycare, and aromatherapy line made with focusing on ingredients sourced from the Isan region. True to the way of life in Sap Si Chan Village (Sikhio district, Nakhon Ratchasima province) where most people are farmers growing cassava, Nuaynard learned about their other profession which is carving Buddha and deity images from sandstones, and how locals of the village only use water from the sky (rain) and from the Earth (aquifer) in their everyday life. Inspired, the brand uses water from the natural resources and Isan sandstones to collaborate with local artisans to create a range of products.


About Product


When Nuaynard came across the remainings of Buddha carving raw material in Sikhio, most of these ended up in landfill or garbage dumps. They noticed the unique porous property of the rock. This porosity facilitates absorption, and to no surprise, provide an excellent material for household aroma diffuser. Through the design process, the stone became more attractive and suitable for home use shaped by the skill and expertise of the sandstone carvers. With the absorption property of the sandstone in mind, this diffuser was made in geometric shapes resembling natural rock formations and mountain peaks. The size of the pool catered to 4-6 hours burning time, helping us to easier estimate the amount of essential oil to use.

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