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Brand Story


It began with an expansion of the family business which was originally an OEM for various plastic parts, from refrigerators, rice cookers, to automobiles. In 2004, the two brothers, Teerachai Supameteekulwat who studied design, Thosaphol Suppametheekulwat who graduated with a marketing degree, joined forces and established a company to design and manufacture their own ideas under the name Qualy. The brand focuses on function, innovation, and user-friendly designs, while taking the environment and sustainability into consideration. Today, Qualy products are available in more than 50 countries around the globe and have received numerous awards and accolades from national and international institutions.


About Product


Qualy is continuously evolving and experimenting with plastics for better and more sustainable solutions. One of the latest materials that have been successfully prototyped is the PE+PET+ALUMINUM from food and snack packaging, which in Thailand has extensive production and use without proper recycling due to its high cost. Packaging waste often ended up in landfill, subsequently causing waste issues. Recently Qualy has found a new way to revive them by adding shredded snack packaging to recycle plastics—reducing waste from both industrial and household units. The reflective aluminum fragments embedded in the medium gives an interesting touch. The Q-tiles, lighter than traditional tiles and easier to install, can be used to make customized wall decorations; there are four styles to choose from with optional LED installation.

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