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Brand Story


Kittisak Kajonpai was a successor to his mother as the Director of Artificial Silk Cocoon Community Enterprise, the world of silk cocoon opened up to him since childhood. He was dreaming of developing products that could improve the quality of life of the local community until he established ‘Socoon’. Originally, most silk cocoons were made into keychains but after applying for product development projects with the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), he received product ideas and advice from working experts who helped him along with the design process and technique. From inexpensively priced keychains, he took the cocoons further and resulted in a silk cocoon lamp that has multiplied in value due the unique stitching techniques that required hundreds of the cocoons—a piece of art in itself. The brand does not stop there, and has since released more products such as bags, and storage boxes.


About Product


The process of stitching together the cocoon lamp takes time and effort; first the cocoons need to be ordered from The Queen Sirikit of Sericulture Center (Saraburi) 3-4 months ahead of time, each cocoon takes more than 30 days to raise. Once the cocoons are obtained, they go through the process of cleaning, dyeing, sorting, any cocoons that do not qualify will be removed. The rest are sun dried, and cut in half, then handsewed together in a cup shape before sewing the shapes together to make the lamp. On average, it takes 3-4 days to finish one lamp. There are many cocoons eliminated from this production process, they may be blacked and stained, or simply scraps from cutting. The idea is to work with these cocoon scraps; start by dyeing them with dark dye from Indian laburnum bark and then halves the cocoons, switching from hand stitch to sewing machine, and let the natural and unique shape, color, and pattern of the cocoon guide the stitching. The finished product is a modern decorative item including tissue boxes and rolls.

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Kittisak Kajonpai

Artificial Silk Cocoon Community Enterprise

68/1 Talat Noi M. 6, Ban Mo, Saraburi 18130


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Designer     I    Arisara Dangprapai

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