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Brand Story

Suntree brand is deeply rooted in the ancestry of Thai Phuan who has settled down in Ban Hai Sian of Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai province since the reign of King Rama III. By the way of life back then, men tend to the forge while the women weave. Their famous weaving style was called ‘Teen Jok’. In more contemporary times, Teen Jok silk has gained traction and emerged as a popular choice in tailoring and other design accessories. Therefore, there are more fabric scraps from Teen Jok sewing and weaving. Suntree decided that these scraps should become something more valuable and fit for lifestyle functions, and transformed them into beautiful jewellery and accessories such as earrings and keychains. Moreover, they also experimented with some of the fabric scraps, blending them with cotton for thicker fiber and then use this to weave again.


About Product


Suntree appreciates the small pieces of fabric scraps left from cutting and sewing, these are stored for upcycling purposes or for sale. For this collection, the scraps are categorized and rearranged according to their fabric type, pattern, and colorway. Incorporating the silverwork technique characteristic to Sukhothai, each individual piece of necklace, earrings, and brooch has its own unique pattern and colorway that can still be matched together as you wish.

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Suntree Handmade Fabric Part.,Ltd.

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