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A ceramic studio located in the heart of Bangkok, Yarnnakarn has been creating materials and processes that encompass both arts and handicrafts for over a decade along with designing home décor with their eccentric elegance. Inspired by the time, life and nature, because nature speaks to the heart of the people. Installing each piece of their craftsmanship is instilling a touch of nature in the area, changing the atmosphere of the space according to the design elements such as textures, techniques, and shapes. Since it is a small studio that works independently, from the process of designing, experimenting, developing, and processing with Yarnnakarn’s secret techniques down to the glaze formulas and clay mixes used. Yarnnakarn employs a handful of artisans, and let individual’s skills and techniques shine through their arts, showing their processes of refinement, details, and liveliness.


About Product


Every day, natural resources are being used up, including an enormous volume of trees which were used to produce papers. In order to remind ourselves to think twice, Yarnnakarn combined paper pulp with clay and used the pulp mix to create pieces that derive a message from the environment; the fragility of each blade represents the unbearable lightness and weathering. Yarnnakarn also developed a new technique of applying layers of clay and pulp liquid mix in the mold made from real leaves, let dry and then trim, shape, and distress. Capturing the feeling of natural leaves by applying the glaze unevenly to replicate dry and fallen leaves. The blades can be used to decorate and enhance the atmosphere, bringing life into the space. Or, they can be strung with brass thread and hung, letting light pass through like a lamp.

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Yarnnakarn Co.,Ltd.

2 Nang Linchi 4 Alley, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon,

Bangkok 10120 Thailand

+66(0)2678 3877

Designer     I    Karin Phisolyabut

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